Interior Detailing, Mooresville, NC

When performing interior detailing, we address every crack and crevice.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your car is a challenge, no matter what stage of life you might be in. Younger drivers tend to spend more time on the road and may eat and drink more while driving. Parents often struggle with messy kids in the backseat, along with takeout eaten while on the go in the car. Even older people tend to deal with dirt, leaves, and other debris that gets tracked in when climbing in and out of the cabin.

Interior Detailing in Mooresville, North Carolina

At Kings of Car Care Mobile Detail & Wash Co., we can take care of the inside of your ride with our professional interior detailing services. We serve clients located throughout the Mooresville, North Carolina area, offering mobile service for convenience. You choose the location, and we’ll bring our fully equipped detailing van to take care of the car. Our services include exterior and interior detailing, along with add-on options to further enhance the appearance of your car.

When performing interior detailing, we address every crack and crevice. Following the vacuuming of the seats and floors, we clean the interior trim and all the windows. We’ll treat and condition leather upholstery, shampoo the carpet, and clean out the vents. If you have rubber or vinyl, we’ll use the proper products to remove dirt and stains, as well as install an air freshener to keep the cabin smelling great. Plus, we can take care of the exterior at the same time, giving you a car that looks like new. We offer packages with competitive pricing. If you’d like to take advantage of this service, give us a call to schedule an appointment.